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I have been training now for over 30 years as a natural bodybuilder. I have competed overseas with some of the best, and have met some wonderful people at the pinnacle of the sport. I am always researching, trialling, and thinking about ways to improve the industry. I have a passion for taking physique training to a new level of science and art.


INBA Masters category:

  • 1st place, iCompete Mr Adelaide, 2016 Men's Master 50+ 

  • 2nd place, iCompete Mr Adelaide, 2016 Men's Under 72kg

  • 3rd place, INBA Mr. Olympia, Masters, 2009, Gold coast

  • 5th place, INBA Mr. Olympia, Open Short Class, 2009, Gold coast

  • 3rd place, INBA Mr. Universe, Masters, 2008, LA

  • 2nd place, INBA Mr. Olympia, Masters, 2007, Greece

  • 1st place, INBA Mr. SA, Masters, 2007

  • 2nd place, INBA Mr. SA, Masters, 2006

  • "Most Muscular", INBA Mr. SA, Masters, 2006


LEARN the secrets of physique and figure shaping 

I will give you far more than PT sessions - you'll get a COURSE on how to transform your physique and figure. You'll learn the secrets of:-

  • PLANNING your transformation

  • STIMULATING  - Optimal muscle loading for growth

  • RECUPERATING - The right recovery / stimulation frequency

  • NUTRITION - For muscle growth and fat loss

  • MONITORING - How to assess and adjust

  • OPTIMISING - AMP Your Workout uses AI for faster results

Transform and Learn at the same time

You'll learn HOW to get faster results with the AMP Your Workout App - find the training style that best suits YOUR muscle characteristics

Physique and Figure Transformation COURSE

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Baseline Services

Duo (2 people)


each / week

3 sessions/week

Personalised plan*

Nutrition guidance

Training techniques

Weekly coaching

Group (4 max)


/ week

3 sessions/week

Personalised plan*

Nutrition guidance

Training techniques

Weekly coaching


Shape Your Physique or Figure and Learn the science and art at the same time

Your Personal Blueprint Plan

Perfectly designed and tailored for you, your lifestyle and preferences

Diet and Physique Assessment

Personalised Blueprint plan* is included in your Transformation Package

Weekly Support and Coaching, Tailoring

Targets - Your Vision for Your Physique/Figure

Nutrition and Training Plan

*Blueprint Plan - your personal formula for success

A unique and exacting process developed with my 35+ years experience to plan your transformation precisely and teach you how to take control of your body and your health.

Your personalised Blueprint plan gives you weekly targets and tracking, and the "HOW TO".

The Course and Blueprint does not include sessions - see Session section below for the options

Transformation Packages - 1 on 1

Total Package Including Blueprint and Blueprint Reviews for Amazing Results

8 or 12 weeks to shock your muscles with AMP and make noticeable changes in your physique

1 on 1

Transformation Packages

Sessions per week



8 week



12 week





Book a Free Trial of AMP

and the AMP Techniques!

AMP Measures ALL aspects of your training and guides you to your optimal loading for results
Physique Coaching with AMP Your Workout
1 uur

1 on 1 Gym-Only

Training Continuation Packages

NEW - Weekly price model - here

1 on 1 coaching - Tailored bundles

60 minute sessions - Total Price - Gym only - AMP coaching

Tailored packages

Inquire for options of "Coaching Credits" to suit your needs

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2 on 1 (Duo)

Share a session and save


Transformation Packages - 2 on 1

Total Package Including Blueprint and Blueprint Reviews for Amazing Results

Transformation Packages

Sessions per week



8 week



12 week



2 on 1

Price per person

2 on 1 Packages

Gym Session Only - Weekly Bundles

Learn the Techniques for Muscle Growth And Conditioning - See Faster Results

2 on 1 coaching - Tailored bundles

60 minute sessions - Total Price pp - Gym only - AMP coaching

Tailored Bundles

Inquire for coaching credits to suit your needs

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Smart-watch hire - add $9.50/wk




AMP Your Workout is an easy to use app that, via the latest technology, automatically measures every aspect of your training and learns how your body works with each workout you perform. AMP Your Workout tracks ALL the parameters important for results, including your rest periods between sets and even HOW you perform each exercise. It then computes the benefit of each exercise and will predict and prepare your next training session according to the targeted improvement that you set. With each workout AMP Your Workout gains more knowledge of your optimum training and you will know you are training to your full potential to speed up progress towards your goals.

It does indeed amplify each and every workout you do!



"I can recommend Paul for anyone aiming to transform their physique and not afraid of some work and discipline. It may not be easy, but I am sure you will be happy with the results."


November 10, 2016

"Paul has the heart, knowledge & experience that a lot of people should learn from in the fitness industry."


July 12, 2016

"Pauls in depth knowledge of not only strength training and the body bio-mechanics, his knowledge in nutrition and his recommendations to suit my personal needs, putting my health and well being as priority was exceptional."


March 10, 2016

I can highly recommend Paul, His incredible depth of knowledge and patience is second to none! I started training with Paul only a few months after my accident and thanks to him, I have surpassed my goals.


Paul helped tailor a unique training regime to suit my complex injuries.


Most trainers are very stubborn about their program but Paul was always happy to change, remodel or adjust any exercises for me.


Not only did I return to my pre-crash strength but Paul has taught me a lot about correct technique and safety.


If you are a newbie or even a seasoned weightlifter, Paul can help you achieve your goals.


Using his app Amp Your Workout, I was able to see my improvements all the way!


Jan 4 2017

I'm a 22 year old male who has been 'lifting' since the age of 16.


Over the years I've learnt so much from trial and error as well as research and very little if not nothing from 'bro science'.


However what I found to be most beneficial when it comes to training after years of trying different methods, is "AMP your workout".


The whole concept shocked me and tbh was hard to accept at first, But once trialling it I realised it's the way to go for muscle building. At first it took some getting used to the app, But now it's second nature to use.


It not only offers me much quicker workouts allowing me to get more in and do more during the day, but it also offers a consistent solid session each time leaving me well and truly 'spent'. I highly recommend it for those who want to build muscle.


Save yourselves years of research, trail and error and bro science by getting onto it. You will get results and you will get them fast provided you have proper nutritional advice to follow. 


Paul as a personal trainer with the "AMP" app is awesome. Paul genuinely cares for how you go and wants the best for you. He's not only very knowledgeable with training but also nutrition. His expertise and knowledge in the area has not only educated me immensely (even after all those years of learning), but also inspired me.


If you listen and do what he says you cannot fail, whilst the whole time being motivated by his expertise and thorough explanation every session. Highly recommended for those who want to build muscle and build it fast.


The best part about it, is that with this method it's all natural and incredibly healthy for you. 


Feb 2018



Paul’s knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm and results-focussed approach is evident from the moment you meet him. He has demonstrated a scientific approach to lifting weights in an extremely physically responsive, and amazingly effective method!


From the outset, his review of your current position, goals, and roadmap to achieving those goals in a realistic time line is astoundingly thorough, covering nutrition and your training program in his amazing “Blueprint” service.

Never have I seen such a comprehensive plan.


The one-on-one gym sessions have definitely taught me new ways to train, targeting specific muscles in a very different, and highly effective way. The plan isn’t just doing the same exercises you know in certain reps and sets, but HOW you position yourself to target the muscle in the most effective way to stimulate growth.


The AMP Your Workout app is also amazing, tracking not only your sets, reps and each workout, but it also tracks your time-under- tension (which is incredible), and even more amazingly, it tracks your effort and with Paul’s proprietary AI; the app learns how you train with each workout, and then modifies your reps, sets OR time under tension to make sure you are always training at the right intensity for growth and development!


I couldn’t recommend Paul more highly if you want to make the journey to a true transformation, especially if you have tried and not succeeded to the level you want.

George Nov 7 2018


I approached Paul because my training was stagnating. His techniques have been honed from years as a bodybuilder and he quickly re-focused my efforts to gain the maximum out of each session. My training output has more than doubled adopting Paul's philosophy. 

MATT Nov 7 2018

I was recommended to Paul at a time when I felt my training had fallen flat and seeing no results. 
Paul showed me the intensity levels required and improved training methods which has allowed me to see amazing results. 
His knowledge on diet to complement the training is extremely beneficial also. 

DOM Nov 7 2018


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Take your physique or figure to a new level

Amplify your workouts scientifically for faster results


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