Your Blueprint to Success

Having problems with physique or figure transformation?

The key is proper planning of all the factors - a holistic approach

Your Blueprint is your detailed path to success.  

There are a multitude of problems that can beset a physique transformation.


My Blueprints address key issues with training, weight-loss, and health.


  • 5 key factors often omitted in weight-loss plans

  • 3 typical errors with losing weight and creating the wrong result

  • 3 key aspects of designing training programs

  • 4 important aspects of managing a transformation

Benny started working with me and using the AMP Your Workout app and techniques in late January 2017

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<< from this

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7 months later, he had transformed to this.

Benny's journey may not be for everyone - but the point is that if this is possible, maybe your goals for your body can be achieved quicker than you think


The most common mistake is people aim to lose weight. This is the wrong focus.


Losing weight may mean that you lose valuable muscle!


Muscle is the key to shape and firmness and an athletic healthy look! You need to gain muscle while losing body fat.


This means a careful planning and balance between nutrition, activity, and recovery.


It is a very fine line to balance these factors to ensure that you do not go catabolic. Catabolism a state where your body "eats" its own muscle. You need enough energy for daily activities, training, and enough nutrients for recovery.


This brings us to the second most common error in transforming a physique.


Most people do not plan out the process. How much fat to lose? How much Lean Body Mass (LBM) to retain or build? This also means of course that they do not measure and track against projected targets.


This can be stressful for you as well as mean that you miss your ultimate goal.

Transformation Blueprint  

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My blueprint process and blueprint reviews are unique and advanced in their approach. They are the culmination of many years experience at the competitive level and helping many others with transformations to meet important goals.


Your Blueprint will define your transformation. It is holistic and addresses all elements of the critical "foundation pyramid" as I call it. 


A brief overview is here


The blueprint, like any good project plan, addresses your current situation and your ultimate goals. The plan defines realistic targets and a clear strategy.


It means that we can both ensure that you will reach your target and are both accountable to the process. 


In my case I am accountable to insuring that your plan is correct. As part of this process I support you, track progress, and iterate the plan.


I have found in the past with many clients that the blueprint also gives them peace of mind. They know they have a working strategy, and they can see it working.


It is not unusual to become confused during a transformation. There are many unknowns and a lot of knowledge required. Your blueprint will enable you at any time to confirm your progress. I find this helps people relax and enjoy the process with some confidence.

A brief overview of AMP Your Workout

AMP Your Workout - Optimise your training for fast results - Train with Science - Train Smart


The Blueprint elements are:


  • Assessment:- current situation

    • Physique:- including body fat and lean body weight estimates

    • Your goals:- including fat and lean body mass estimates. I create sensible targets as I will know what to target to achieve your goal.

    • Current diet analysis:- will show you any areas that have led to your current state. It also indicates your BMR and shows issues that can derail your transformation

    • Current training regime: similarly will provide insight to your current state. This includes imbalances and chronic injuries (or risks)

From this data I can create a detailed strategy for every step of your journey

The Plan

  • Projections:- weekly targets for body-fat, lean body mass, body weight

  • Nutrition plan:- including meal guides / macro ratios / calories

  • Shopping list: - for convenience

  • Training plan:- designing optimal muscle stimulus and recovery

    • Training split

    • Recovery cycles

    • Training volumes

    • Exercise selection:- important to achieve the shape that you want as well as ensuring balanced development and avoiding injuries

4-weekly reviews

We actually check progress on a weekly basis, but every 4 weeks (enough time to see reasonable change) we do a major review

  • Plot progress (weight, body-fat, lean body-mass)

  • Check AMP stats:- your scientific feedback on your progress

  • Revise nutrition plan as required (based on progress, energy, challenges)

  • Revise training routine

  • re-issue a revised plan

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