AMP Your Workout was invented to take physique training to the ultimate level - a blend of Science and Art!

What we believe

Physique and figure development at the elite level should appeal to the masses.

It should be human art. . . . .

 . . . . . practised by the few with the determination, but admired by the many.

It should be highly regarded as an outcome resulting from a blend of persistence, discipline, skill, and knowledge.

When practised as an art form, developing the body for an aesthetic outcome requires knowledge in:-

Biology | Physiology | Biomechanics | Physics | Nutrition | Human Kinetics . . . and Aesthetics . . .   

And besides a body that looks good, the process of building and sculpting intelligently should also result in many positive spin-off benefits:-

Overall Health | Fitness | Strength | Muscle condition | Mental strength | Confidence | Discipline | Longevity | Quality of life

This is AMP Your Workout


AMP Your Workout solves your key question:-

"How should I train to suit my genetics?"

Who you are likely to be - 

You have discipline and determination and a burning desire to build and sculpt a body with a combination of the brutal "blood sweat and tears" combined with the refined finesse and patience of a sculptor from the renaissance.


You like to approach projects systematically and intelligently.

You can push through pain to reach your goal. In fact, you welcome pain when you know it is a sign that you are pushing forward to your goal.

You're always looking for answers . . . ways to be better.

You can follow a plan and stick to it.

You have persistence. You're focussed!

You are super-motivated and will do what it takes to build a great physique!


The origin of AMP Your Workout

The Reason - The Motivation



Journey from ultra-wimp to

international competitor – naturally

I was always very small and this motivated me to start training. At 3rd year high school I was 33kg (72Lb).

In my last year of high school I weighed 42kg (92Lb) and started training at the start of Uni.

15 yrs, year 10, 72Lb


I started university at a weight of 47kg (It took me a year of lifting just to get up to 102Lb!) I got my bachelors degree in engineering (electronics) weighing 67kg (148Lb)

After eight years of training my max off-season weight was 73kg (161Lb) and I competed ripped at 66kg (145Lb)

Around 2005-6 I experimented more with my theories and mathematical analysis on the factors that influence muscle hypertrophy as well as in-depth research into nutrition. I was training more intensely than ever before and noting, as I had throughout my life, my sets, reps, and weights.

I questioned the impact of ALL training variables that relate to muscle stress. This led to the prototype of "AMP Your Workout". I trained with the prototype from 2007 onwards.

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AMP Your Workout is Born

AMP Your Workout Advances Physique Development

21 yrs, Uni grad, 147Lb

The burning question that anyone serious about building a great physique or figure asks is:

"how do I train to suit my genetics?"

You can read repeatedly in magazines, blogs, forums, that your training must "match your genetics"

The PROBLEM has always been in determining HOW best to find the answer to that magic question!

AMP Your Workout uses patent-pending algorithms and smart technology to monitor and assess every exercise you perform - and then uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to guide you to training parameters where you create the greatest stress (stimulus) for hypertrophy (growth)



Baseline Services

Duo (2 people)


each / week

3 sessions/week

Personalised plan*

Nutrition guidance

Training techniques

Weekly coaching

One on One


/ week

1 session/week

Personalised plan*

Nutrition guidance

Training techniques

Weekly coaching

Group (4 max)


/ week

3 sessions/week

Personalised plan*

Nutrition guidance

Training techniques

Weekly coaching

Learn more about the AMP system

Shape Your Physique or Figure and Learn the science and art at the same time

Get in early on the new Science of Physique Development

The Science of Muscle Growth


The two new variables to AMP your growth

Finding YOUR optimal training mode

Using the app to maximise gains

*STRESS THE MUSCLE - your personal formula for success

AMP Your Workout is specifically about HYPERTROPHY - Muscle GROWTH

The lifting techniques and the AMP algorithm are a breakthrough to taking your muscle's hypertrophic stimulation to the max.

This means that we DELIBERATELY lift in a way to maximise muscle loading through the Range of Motion (ROM) - Lifting maximum weight or getting more reps is SECONDARY to proper lifting. Once we know that the muscle is being stressed, THEN we progressively increase the weights or reps.

The AMP Your Workout app, knowing that your muscles are DOING ALL THE WORK, can then, with the patent-pending algorithms, calculate the optimal loading to take your muscle growth to the max.




AMP Your Workout is an easy to use app that, via the latest technology, automatically measures every aspect of your training and learns how your body works with each workout you perform. AMP Your Workout tracks ALL the parameters important for results, including your rest periods between sets and even HOW you perform each exercise. It then computes the benefit of each exercise and will predict and prepare your next training session according to the targeted improvement that you set. With each workout AMP Your Workout gains more knowledge of your optimum training and you will know you are training to your full potential to speed up progress towards your goals.

It does indeed amplify each and every workout you do!



"I can recommend Paul for anyone aiming to transform their physique and not afraid of some work and discipline. It may not be easy, but I am sure you will be happy with the results."


November 10, 2016

"Paul has the heart, knowledge & experience that a lot of people should learn from in the fitness industry."


July 12, 2016

"Pauls in depth knowledge of not only strength training and the body bio-mechanics, his knowledge in nutrition and his recommendations to suit my personal needs, putting my health and well being as priority was exceptional."


March 10, 2016

I can highly recommend Paul, His incredible depth of knowledge and patience is second to none! I started training with Paul only a few months after my accident and thanks to him, I have surpassed my goals.


Using his app Amp Your Workout, I was able to see my improvements all the way!


Jan 4 2017


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