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Hi, thanks for checking out my offer

You probably want to know a bit about me - how I can help you, and why I am making this offer.

That's me on the left (year 10 high school) and also on the right (2009 Natural Mr. Olympia, Masters, 3rd place)

I have dedicated over 35 years to the science of physical transformation, (as a lifetime natural), through good nutrition and scientific training principles.

As a former-puny-geek electronic engineer and hobbyist natural bodybuilder, I found a scientific approach to physique and figure transformation

I am happy to give you in a free consult. Why? - because I want to gauge the interest in a NEW type of health and fitness service

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If you're interested in your health, fitness, and physique


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If the free call we'll cover:

  • Your current status (health, physique, figure)

  • Your objectives - what would you ideally like?

  • Your history in this area - what have you tried in the past?

  • Problems or blocks - what issues have you had?

  • Current resources - what can you access?

  • If training at home is preferable, what do you have available?

  • Current diet

I can then outline a plan for you 

  • Options for exercise

  • Suggestions around nutrition

  • A rough plan to help you with some quick wins

  • Future options - suggestions of options I could provide if you'd like to go further with my assistance

Expected call duration: Around 45-60 minutes


Your contact details will NOT be shared with anyone else.

All details will be strictly private and confidential.

In undertaking the free consult, there are no further obligations on you or me for further services or interaction. Any further interactions will be via mutual agreement, agreed after the call and documented for clarity.

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My formula for a holistic approach

If how you feel, look, perform is of interest you, as well as improving:

  • performance in business

  • performance in daily activities, with the family

  • a sense of vitality, strength, confidence


and an interest in AVOIDING:

  • long term physical decline

  • mental decline

  • sluggishness, tiredness, lethargy


Then you can take advantage of this free consult offer.

Book a free consult here

Your chance to cut through the misinformation and get advice from a highly experienced innovator in the field with 35+ years experience including international-level competition


If how you feel, look, perform is of interest you, as well as improving:

  • performance in business

  • performance in daily activities, with the family

  • a sense of vitality, strength, confidence


and an interest in AVOIDING:

  • long term physical decline

  • mental decline

  • sluggishness, tiredness, lethargy


Then you can take advantage of this free consult offer.

Book a free consult here

Exercise - turbo-charge all aspects of your life!

Exercise is a critical aspect of retaining youthfulness, physically and mentally.

RESISTANCE exercise in particular, is noted for it's enhanced benefits. You could say that it replaces the loads that we (humans) would normally encounter in survival activities if we had not invented all our mod-cons that make life so easy for us.

Exercise stimulates good hormones for health and youth, as well as maintaining and building muscle, tendons, ligaments, and bones!

Our bodies are DESIGNED (or actually EVOLVED) for stress.

Without it they deteriorate.

It is the STRESS (or overload) that prompts the body to repair itself, and, if it has been overloaded, it will super-compensate by not only building back up, but ADDING A LITTLE EXTRA in order to adapt to the load.

This adaptation, as you can image, only occurs if the body is repeatedly loaded. Otherwise, we steadily decline to simply cope with the maximum load we experience.

The same is true of the brain.

The saying "Use it or lose it" is simple, but true!

Resistance training is like a turbo-charged version of a day of physical activity.

We can select weights (resistance) that create a beneficial load on the muscles (and other body systems) that would otherwise take a day of low-level loading to achieve.

AMP Your Workout takes this loading (and your results) TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, it can monitor your workout capacity and LEARN about you over a few workouts, and then gradually PROGRESS YOUR CAPACITY

So, in 45 to 60 minutes, you can achieve a thorough stimulus, optimised for
your capabilities.
Each workout, the software continues to learn and gradually progress your loading as you improve.


The AMP system incorporates algorithms and artificial intelligence to determine your optimal loading - and the AMP techniques are carefully designed and taught to ensure that you load the muscle for maximum effect (and clear monitoring of the performance improvements)

So, what's different about AMP Your Workout and Paul Anderton PT - and the 'standard' style of training and coaching?

AMP Your workout is the result of my own obsession for physical development for over 30 years.

I started as a very puny teenager (42kg at age 16 to be exact) and this inspired me to try to improve my physique.

Results were slow and difficult. I was learning many old paradigms, though I didn't know it at the time. The paradigm "You're really skinny (ectomorph) so you have to train really heavy with long rests" didn't seem to work for me. Not much happened and I often injured myself.

Through my persistence, I was a able to answer one of the most perplexing and persistent mysteries: - "How to best lift weights for the greatest results and benefit . . . " (i.e. what sort of weight, reps and sets are required and how to apply the stress)

My engineering background provided the answer when I started analysing the process of resistance training, muscle-system biology, and the question of
"What makes muscles grow?"

The result is the AMP Your Workout app and the AMP techniques that are designed to optimally STRESS THE MUSCLE.


That is my common mantra in the gym with those I coach . . . "You are not here to just lift weights . . . you are here to stress the muscles"

The AMP Your Workout app provides the algorithms and artificial intelligence to take your workout to the optimal efficiency, and the techniques I teach ensure that the muscles experience the optimal loading.

That is the key difference. Where most coaches teach you "how to lift weights" and perform an exercise (in traditional form), I teach
"How to get the most benefit from each workout by STRESSING THE MUSCLE - using a combination of the patent-pending AMP algorithms and system, and strategic biomechanics / kinetics".


This results in faster, safer workouts that optimally achieve what a workout is designed to achieve.

I refer here to a muscle-conditioning workout. There are other workout forms such as power-lifting, olympic-lifting, cardio-vascular conditioning etc - all are valid objectives and all require a different approach

The AMP Your Workout style is aimed at the most common and popular objectives of most gym members - looking better physically and improving strength and fitness.

Most people on this quest actually train in a way that is not optimal for their objective (in fact, counterproductive), because they follow outdated paradigms and misguided beliefs.

AMP improves the quality of their workout and accelerates the results, safer and with scientific guidance


If you have an interest in your health, fitness, and lifestyle, you can register for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Paul Anderton PT

The Science and Art of Physique

Train Smart

"I help people improve their life by improving their body"



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"I can recommend Paul for anyone aiming to transform their physique and not afraid of some work and discipline. It may not be easy, but I am sure you will be happy with the results."


November 10, 2016

"Paul has the heart, knowledge & experience that a lot of people should learn from in the fitness industry."


July 12, 2016

"Paul's in depth knowledge of not only strength training and the body bio-mechanics, his knowledge in nutrition and his recommendations to suit my personal needs, putting my health and well being as priority was exceptional."


March 10, 2016

I can highly recommend Paul, His incredible depth of knowledge and patience is second to none! I started training with Paul only a few months after my accident and thanks to him, I have surpassed my goals.


Paul helped tailor a unique training regime to suit my complex injuries.


Most trainers are very stubborn about their program but Paul was always happy to change, remodel or adjust any exercises for me.


Not only did I return to my pre-crash strength but Paul has taught me a lot about correct technique and safety.


If you are a newbie or even a seasoned weightlifter, Paul can help you achieve your goals.


Using his app Amp Your Workout, I was able to see my improvements all the way!


Jan 4 2017

I'm a 22 year old male who has been 'lifting' since the age of 16.


Over the years I've learnt so much from trial and error as well as research and very little if not nothing from 'bro science'.


However what I found to be most beneficial when it comes to training after years of trying different methods, is "AMP your workout".


The whole concept shocked me and tbh was hard to accept at first, But once trialling it I realised it's the way to go for muscle building. At first it took some getting used to the app, But now it's second nature to use.


It not only offers me much quicker workouts allowing me to get more in and do more during the day, but it also offers a consistent solid session each time leaving me well and truly 'spent'. I highly recommend it for those who want to build muscle.


Save yourselves years of research, trail and error and bro science by getting onto it. You will get results and you will get them fast provided you have proper nutritional advice to follow. 


Paul as a personal trainer with the "AMP" app is awesome. Paul genuinely cares for how you go and wants the best for you. He's not only very knowledgeable with training but also nutrition. His expertise and knowledge in the area has not only educated me immensely (even after all those years of learning), but also inspired me.


If you listen and do what he says you cannot fail, whilst the whole time being motivated by his expertise and thorough explanation every session. Highly recommended for those who want to build muscle and build it fast.


The best part about it, is that with this method it's all natural and incredibly healthy for you. 


Feb 2018