Limited offer: New Physique Transformation Program

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Get the body you've always wanted - Now

  • Interested in building, toning and shaping your body?

  • Frustrated with slow results from your current training and diet?

  • Want a dramatic physique change to show off the best you?

  • Know how you’d like to look, but not sure how to get there?

Ask Paul about the new Physique Transformation Program that will give you fast results in as little as 8 weeks.

Paul is the inventor of AMP Your Workout - the new technology that analyses your training and guides you to optimal workouts for faster results

The latest technology for physique training

Get Paul Anderton, inventor of AMP Your Workout as your personal coach for a dramatic transformation over 8 or 12 weeks!

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This powerful transformation solution features:

  • Results: - using NEW technology and techniques that are safe and sustainable

  • Advanced – with training approaches and nutrition tips to reach your ultimate potential

  • Experience: a coach with 35+ years experience with countless success stories

  • Guarantee: a risk free approach to ensure your satisfaction


The next intake of the Physique Transformation Programme is starting soon with places strictly limited.


For information, simply click below

Find out more about the new technology for transforming physiques and figures

More info

Find out how Paul went from a very puny 42kg (at 16) to competing internationally - all natural!

Also, how he recovered in just 4 months at 53 after a major injury and extreme muscle loss!

Oct 2014

 to Jan 2015

Use the inquiry box above,

Or phone me 0408 825 876



Valid to mid April

FREE, no obligation coffee catch-up, including diet analysis

2 FREE Workouts

BONUS sessions

**See below for details

The offer

For friends and family of current trainees, this offer includes:


Coffee catch-up:

  • to understand your goals, frustrations

  • overview my approach,

  • FREE diet analysis: - my manual diet analysis 

  • answer your questions

2 free trial workouts:

  • so you can experience training with me (and AMP) first hand

  • The first workout records your baseline. Second workout will predict your exercise loads!

Bonus sessions

  • If you decide to do a transformation* with me, you will get 1,2 or 3 bonus sessions (depends on the package)

Call or message now while it's fresh in your mind! 0408 825 876


Testimonial - Benny

I've only hit the tip of the iceberg of what Paul did for me.  I cannot recommend him enough.

Paul Anderton is more than just a PT. He's the total package

— Benny, 2017

"I can recommend Paul for anyone aiming to transform their physique and not afraid of some work and discipline. It may not be easy, but I am sure you will be happy with the results."

— Vin, 2016

Paul's own transformation

Photos of Paul's transformations from: Initial training as a teenager to competition

Paul is life-time natural - all results have come through a scientific approach to training and nutrition, combined with persistence and consistency of effort.

"If you want advice, ask someone who had to fight for it - they know more than most and can relate to your struggle"

— Paul Anderton, inventor of AMP Your Workout

Starting at 33kg (first photo, age 15, and progressing to 65kg (middle) at end of Uni, Paul continued his progress, eventually competing at the international level (3rd, Master's Div, Natural Mr. Olympia) after 3 years training with the AMP Your Workout prototype

AMP Your Workout - the new technology for faster physique transformations
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