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A No-B#S# free Consult** offer is included for those wanting some help, guidance, support.

Hi – I am looking forward to see how I can help you in our free 1-on-1 no B#S# consult**.

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**See below for info on the No B#S# Consult

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**The No B#S# Consult

Yes, you read that correctly - This is a legit no-sales, no-sale BS consult.

Why am I doing this?

I have responded to ad offers myself that sounded really good; - “register now for the 5 secrets…” or “register for a free consult and instant advice….”

And what really happens is a spiel about all the challenges you face (they call this building the pain) and more spiel on how good it will be when you “achieve xyz.. (building your dream)” – and THEN they present the solution, which is to "...sign up to their xyz course for $5,000 or more!..."


It annoys the cr#p out of me because I think I'm going to get some real actionable advice in the call – not simply advice like “give us money and we’ll tell you......”


So I am not doing that to you!

When you book a chat with me, we will talk about your goals and the challenges you have had to date, and then I will outline some solutions and guidance.

Naturally, in 45 minutes, I cannot give you the ultimate, total solution to the meaning of life and the universe, but I will give you an actionable plan with decent guidelines, focussed on your needs.


There will be NO sales spiel and no attempt to “close” you on a deal


Why would I do this and what is the catch?

Well, I outlined above what annoys me about the false advertising ads for a free consult which are really a sales spiel with a high pressure “close”. All I will ask for is a brief testimonial on how you found the process and your impression of me and my knowledge.


And I figure that if I give you good value and you instantly see my level of experience, you may come back to me voluntarily, unprompted, and un-harassed for more help. If that is the case, we can talk about the tailored packages that I provide, and again, without any pressure, you can decide if you’d like to work with me.

I want people to come to me because they know they will be treated with respect and consideration, and not pressured.

I don’t want people to be apprehensive about approaching me.

And I want people to be keen for my help because they have confidence in my experience and expertise.


In a true live consult, you cannot disguise a lack of knowledge and sell an “empty” course with a flowery and exciting sales pitch that is cleverly worded and practised. I will be putting myself on the line! – there are no scripts in a tailored consult!

You will be guiding the conversation and I will be responding in a free-wheeling manner to what arises;- Muscle gain, fat loss, nutrition, injuries, training techniques, hard-gainers, endomorphs, lagging body-parts, training frequency, optimal splits, volume – nothing is off the table (oh, except 'roids - I do not have any knowledge in that area and could not profess to be able to advise you - but my advice, I believe, works just as well whether or not you are natural)


You will get a true idea of how I will be able to help you - and there's no risk!

Privacy: Your privacy is important to me – in registering for a chat, you are not obligated for any paid services. Any further engagement will be at your request and will be via mutual agreement between us.

You will not be signed into a database or mail system. Your details will be kept totally private and not shared with any third party. Any discussions in the call will be totally confidential.

The call will last around 45 minutes and I will try to answer your questions as best I can. Advice in the call will be targeted and tailored as best I can deliver in the circumstances and some health tips may be provided but will not constitute medical advice.

As guaranteed, there will not be a sales “close” in the call. I will not try to sign you to anything. Should you wish further help from me, it will be via negotiation and agreement between us on the services that I offer and will be at your instigation. You will be free to take the information I provide. Any follow-up advice in the form of free notes or consultative guidelines from me will be at my discretion.