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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Physique or Figure Transformation - the areas that often slow progress

The most common problem I find when people come to me for advice on why they are struggling with their transformation (whether it be a guy looking for more muscle or a "physique" look with good muscularity and a six-pack, or a lady wanting a more shapely and toned figure, or again an athletic look with a six-pack, firm thighs, glutes and arms) - is that their approach is not holistic - it often misses some important aspects.

Often we get frustrated because we are "too close" to the problem OR we lack the experience. and cannot see the obvious.

It can take years to gain the experience - trial and error with many mistakes to build the depth of knowledge required. Alternatively, we can ask someone who's spent the time and developed the experience, and take a short-cut in our learning process. I went the former path - and it took many years, considerable research, and much patience and persistence - but has resulted in knowledge across a broad range of areas.

Back to you and speeding up your progress through a holistic approach:-

Physique transformation is a process that is the result of the integration of several carefully planned aspects of the body and the way it behaves.

Usually, when someone is frustrated through lack of progress, one or more areas are not addressed properly.

The areas are shown below in my "Transformation pyramid"

We need to find the right balance for - Stimulating the muscle; - Allowing it to Recuperate, and - providing the proper Nutrition to 1) assist the stimulation process and 2) feed the recuperation process. - If we get these in balance, we can also optimise our endogenous Hormones.

Conversely, if we get the balance wrong, we can adversely impact the process - each area can be "over-done" or "under-done.

We accept for instance that if we are building a wall or baking a cake and some of the ingredients are missing, the end result will be far less than if we had a "complete" approach that addressed all aspects.

But often, we miss this fact when trying to transform ourselves.

Physique or figure transformation is not simply a matter of lifting weights.

I generally find that most people like the gym sessions - the focus for an hour to train really hard, work up a sweat, feel the muscle soreness and feel that they have achieved something.

But if the other elements for transformation are not addressed properly, the workouts could be partially a waste of effort.

Can you imagine spending two weeks of hard work to build a wall and then realise that you forgot the mortar?! The wall would be incomplete and worthless.

Imagine now putting in extreme effort in the gym week after week for a year or more and realising later that you missed part of the important equation to get results!

You will have wasted all that time, effort and motivation!

Always ensure that you: - Set your goals - WHAT do you want to achieve? - be clear on your WHY - WHY do you want this? - Plan it out - what is your STRATEGY? - HOLISTICALLY address all the elements in the plan - MONITOR everything - is it working? - FEEDBACK LOOP - if it is not working, what needs to change? LEARN as you go - what is working? What isn't? Why?

All the best with your physique and figure goals. Follow these tips to ensure that you get the best results and hit your goals.

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