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Updated: Apr 7

Following is a copy of an email that included AMP stats, and some explanations of how the data is interpreted and used for maximising gains.

AMP provides immediate indications of how you are progressing with your workouts in terms of muscle STRESS - which is what we want for muscle GROWTH.

Lifting more weight does not necessarily translate to better results because:

  • You may have developed technique to lift the weight and may be actually REDUCING the work the muscle does to lift it (otherwise known as cheating!)

  • You may be increasing the rest between sets - and because muscle hypertrophy is related to work capacity (or intensity), your training loads (stress) are actually decreased

  • You may be doing the reps quicker - we all know that trick to get more reps - but the objective should be to get more muscle stress, not more reps (at the expense of muscle stress)


You may be pausing at the "no-load" section of each rep - i.e. locking out the elbows at the top of bench press or locking the knees at the top of squats! - again, this reduces the actual time that the muscles are working and experiencing stress

The number one rule in training for hypertrophy is:



Increase the weights or reps

Anyway, here is the copy of the email, so you can see how AMP Your Workout will help you optimise your workouts for maximum gains.

Quick note: - don't be blown away by these notes - It is all automated in the AMP Your Workout portal and all you need to do is scroll down the graphs and check that the trend (red line) is upward.

For a Personal Trainer, this makes it very easy to see if a client is over-training rather than realising 6 months down the track that the gains have stopped!

You can see the results of AMP Your Workout app in my article "The Benny Experiment"

Hi mate,

Just having a look at some stats.

Interesting that pecs seem to be dropping back a bit.

Arms are going ok. Hams and calves are also doing well with the extra attention.

Back is holding steady.

I think it'd be good for me to be at the next chest session. I am thinking also that we change it up a bit - mix up the weights and reps - starting with 15 reps instead of 12 on the flat bench.

Then we can try 10 reps, and then 8. (this will help AMP "learn" more about you)

I'll also check with you tonight if there have been any other factors.

More strict style can affect scores of course - Ideally we always follow a strict style and don't let cheating creep in so that any improvements are just muscle growth - but this is hard to do initially.

With the diet changes I would have expected some improvements - but other diet variations might also throw off the scores a bit (introducing carbs and then backing off etc so the body cannot adjust efficiently to a particular mode of glycogen production.

Overtraining can also be a problem. - but also, changing workout frequency (missing days) can also create a change.

Stress also can be a factor.

So can lack of hydration with the colder weather - we forget to drink.

Plenty of things that can affect it.

Let's have a chat and see if there are any opportunities for improvements.



Incline bench is going well.

flat bench is dropping off a bit - possibly because incline is progressing and, combined with the diet, you're running out of steam with flat bench.

Incline is the focus though to fill out the upper pecs.

Lower pecs are coming along ok with good pec width and squaring off, so I'm not concerned at these stats at the moment

Biceps, Triceps

These are all progressing well - so the more frequent sessions are working well

Pecs, Bi's

These are going well - the general trend is up, so I am not concerned about the the flat bench as mentioned earlier - not yet, anyway.

Hamstrings, Calves

These are all going well

The trends are all upward

Back - upper width and thickness

Wide grip pulldowns are dropping off a bit - not a lot - hypertrophy score has gone from 225k to 185k.

The other back exercises are ok, so this is not an over-training or under-nutrition trend - we'll keep an eye on it and see if there is something specific with wide-grip - or whether something in the workout before you tackle the wide-grip?

Upper back and Triceps

Bent-over rows are going well - these are a staple to develop upper back thickness for rear biceps poses

Triceps, contracted load are gong well - great work, as these will add mass to the long-head for overall mass and a good sweep in the bicep shots, plus a killer side-triceps pose

Triceps, Biceps

These are all progressing well - so again, the extra frequency on arms is paying off - we need more size to match your chest and back - so this is working well - no signs of over-training, in fact the arms are coming up great!


The extra work on delts (with the "tickle-up" sessions on medial head on leg days) is working really well and your medial delts are getting freaky - which is great as it adds to the width.

Also, the extra work on the rear delt is working well and your rear double-bi is nicely balanced now! Great work!

Delt, Hamstrings

Delts are going well as noted earlier - seeing a slight drop here in laterals - so possibly an indication of over-training - or the effects of the diet - we'll monitor.

Leg curls and stiff-leg deadlifts are going really well - maintain the same volume and frequency.

Total Volume stats


Just looking at total volumes is also interesting.

You are actually doing more volume now than in April when you were training legs - that's a bit odd.

Even though we have substituted some upper body work while the legs rest, the upper body exercises are generally less volume than legs

(with squats for instance each rep is done with 80% body-weight plus the bar so that is 90x80% + 50 = 120kg compared to 45 kg on bench press)

See below.

It seems that Pecs are perhaps being over-trained?

We'll look at this.

Total volume - all body-parts

Bicep, Calf, Delt

Back and Chest

Back has been progressing well, so these stats seem ok - note though that the number of workouts per month has dropped a bit - so that could be the cause for the drop in wide-grip pulldowns noted earlier?

Note that Pec volume has been going up consistently - so this could confirm the suspicion of over-training noted earlier? Let's drop back a bit - I suspect you are doing too many total sets for pecs. This can actually slow your growth!

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