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female body goals according to body type

Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy would never look the same, even with the same diet and training

Prior reading - If you haven't already done so, you may want to read the article "

From the above article you hopefully have an idea of your body-type.

Below are indications of reasonable goals based on your body-type.

As it says above, Marilyn and Twiggy had very different figures so it would be silly (and frustrating) for Twiggy to want to look like Marilyn and vice-versa

Below are examples for you to choose from. do not be discouraged if you do not see your "ideal" figure under your body type label. As I started in the earlier article, you may be a "blend" of "types" - and also (and this is important) you diet and lifestyle could be "masking" your true type! If you are unsure, you need to speak to someone with experience who can "see through" the "disguise" you have inadvertently adopted :)

Below are examples of the "types" after some training and dieting


Most of these examples are women who are ectomorph and train.

You can scroll through the thumbnails and click on the big picture to see whole image


Most of these are mesomorphs who have trained and are at relatively low body-fat. There are a few that are semi-trained and at "normal" body fat (the "curvy" figures in bikinis. There are also some of Jessica Biel at "normal" body fat and low muscle (white outfit), normal body fat and some muscle (white bikini and black bikini a the beach), and low body fat with high muscle for the filming of "blade"


Here is a mix of endomorph athletes and a couple of photos of Adele (endomorph) who is not an athlete - but I have included some comparison photos of when she has obviously watched her diet to get to a lower body fat. As you can see, if she does not watch the diet, she can easily reach an unhealthy BMI


Here are some examples of Meso-endomorphs.

Most of these are athletes or bodybuilders. Don't be put off by the greater muscle mass of the body-builders - this is not typical of medo-endomorphs - it takes a LOT of work. So if you are Meso-endo it does not mean that you easily become "too muscly" - it is very hard to achieve. And you can easily regulate your training to control muscle gain.

I also included a couple of celebs who you can see are at the upper end of the "curvy" spectrum because of their meso-endo type. These people would most likely excel at sports if they took up sports that required some strength or power


Here are some meso-ecto examples

You can see the tendency towards a more thin structure and fine muscles, but still with some curves through the waist and hips

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