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how does your your body-type affect your goals?

Don't plan a moon trip in a balloon (you'll be disappointed) - and don't drive a Porsche at a snails pace! (you're wasting some potential)

We are all unique. This is obvious if you look around a mall for a few minutes, or a gym for that matter. A trip to a clothes store also quickly highlights the fact too - just check out all the different sizes of clothes, as well as the different "fits". There's S, M, L, XL, XXL, as well as Slim fit, Baggy or Loose fit, Tapered, straight etc.

Our genes (not jeans) have a lot to do with it. Our lifestyle also will largely dictate how we look when we first enter a gym - but the genes lay the foundations.

The genes influence how easily we gain weight, lose weight, or gain muscle, strength, and our ultimate performance

The people you see at the Olympics are those at the "top" of the gene pool for their particular sport. you will see tall slim people competing in the high-jump or long-jump, and "solid" people competing in the weight lifting, and slim wiry people competing in the marathon. Sure, their sport will govern their body to a degree, but their genetics play a big part also - a heavy set person is likely to have major challenges in becoming a champion marathon runner, but may easily excel at weightlifting.

Top sports stats have great genetics suited to the particular expertise and their training brings out the best in those genetics and they naturally excel. The skinny guy may have a passion for weightlifting but the passion will only take him so far. Someone else, less passionate but with great genetics (muscle and bone lengths, tendon insertions, fast-twitch fibres, muscle response to loading, ATP stores and response etc) will do better with even half-hearted training.

That's how powerful genetics are in relation to our physical size, shape and performance.

However, that should not discourage you.

Most of use can achieve amazing results (maybe not Olympic standard) but WELL above the "norms" or society - so set your goal, create a plan and make a start.

Now, the objective of this article is to help you set a sensible goal.

A sensible goals is one that is achievable in the time frame set. In the field of physique shaping, it relates to your genetics (the topic of this article) as well as how often you are prepared to train, your tolerance to pain, your drive and focus, your knowledge (or guidance and support from a good coach) and several other factors beyond the scope of this article.

So Body type - Let's figure out yours and then look at some goals at which you can reasonable aspire!

Body types, or "somatotypes"

Below are some images to give you a guide to your body type. After that we'll look at some sensible goals figures and physiques. Have a look at the images and then the notes below.

I'll use the colour of the shapes (ant clothing) to relate to the images

  • "Ectomorph" (blue) - a slim or thin build

  • "Mesomorph" (black) - a more athletic build, neither slim or "heavy-set"

  • "Endomorph" (red) - a more "solid" frame, with bigger hips and waist

NOTE: most people are not a clear-cut "type". They may be a "blend". Please check the notes below

"Ectomorph" (blue) - a slim or thin build, generally a light frame, slim hips and shoulders are not broad. Small joints (wrists, ankles, knees). They typically complain of not being able to gain weight or have the belief that they can "eat what I want"

"Mesomorph" (black) - a more athletic build, neither slim or "heavy-set" - they typically have a small waist and broader shoulders. They often excel in sports and generally look as if they have trained even when they perhaps have not

"Endomorph" (red) - a more "solid" frame, with bigger hips and waist, and thick joints (wrists, ankles, knees). They typically complain of not being able to lose fat or that 'I only have to look at food and I gain weight"

After you figure out your "type", use the links below to have a look at reasonable goals - i.e. how your body is likely to respond to training and dieting

As stated above, you could be a "blend". For example

  • Ecto-mesomorph: - a slim physique that response reasonably well to training and may do well in sports that do not require extreme weight or strength - i.e. football, netball, track and field, boxing

  • Meso-ectomorph: - a slim physique that is tending towards a more athletic body and performance - they gain muscle reasonably well but stay quite lean also and excel in power sports where their modest weight and size is also an advantage - gymnastics, martial arts,

  • Meso-endomorph: Rather athletic and strong, they excel at sports where their ability to build muscle and their slightly heavy frame is an advantage: Judo, wrestling, shot-put, weight-lifting

  • Endo-mesomorph: similar to meso-endo but slightly heavier and "thicker" so they will also excel in similar sports though perhaps have to watch their diet more. In some sports with weight categories they may be at a slight disadvantage, eg boxing where their reach to weight ratio is not as good as someone meso-ecto

You will note that there is no blending of the extremes - ie you cannot be "Ecto-endomorph" or "Endo-ectomorph" as these are contradictions

Click the links below to see examples of your sensible goals









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