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Special amp offer

AMP is the new science of training with AI for results

Hi everyone,

A SPECIAL OFFER I am running

Bring a friend for a 60 minute DUO session

For less than the price of a 30 minute DUO session!*

For $40 each, you both get AMP coaching for 1 hour!**

  • Share with a friend the unique techniques for toning and shaping

  • And give them the chance to learn the advanced AMP Artificial Intelligence Technology

Many of your friends may aspire to be a MUSCULAR BUGS, OR JESSICA RABBIT!

Here's a chance to help them get started.

Learn about the new AMP technology for faster physique and figure sculpting

  • Want to optimise muscle gains and not sure of the fastest method?

  • Or looking to shape your figure and sculpt your ideal Jessica Rabbit body?

Whether you want a highly athletic build or a shapely figure, the secret is the same: YOU HAVE TO BUILD AND TONE MUSCLE WHILE LOSING BODY-FAT The AMP Your Workout techniques and app are designed for:

  • Achieving the fastest results through optimal muscle stimulation

  • Safety and efficiency - it's not about "moving weight" - it's about improving muscle's Work Capacity under load

  • Short, intense workouts with maximal results

Call your friend(s), or forward this link. If they are interested,

Email me for available session times, or phone me on 0408 825 876 Cheers, Paul


My website


AMP website



  • Limited to two sessions per friend (i.e. bring the same friend twice for the same offer)

  • Existing clients keep their current sessions but can book in extra session(s) with friends

  • Existing "DUO" clients keep their current sessions but either client can do an extra session(s) with a different partner for the offer.

  • Subject to availability of session times (see my calendar) - bookings to be made in the same week as the session to be taken (i.e. cannot book for the following week or weeks in advance)

*Unbundled DUO pricing for 30 minutes is usually $45pp

*Unbundled DUO pricing for 60 minutes is usually $75pp

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