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Ten Basic Fat Loss Tips

Faulty fuel

You're training hard, but are you missing the critical factor of proper nutrition design?

Training hard with improper nutrition is like having a Ferrari and filling it with diesel


1. Being broke after 5 years of investing - You had the wrong stocks

2. Your house collapses after years of renovation - due to faulty foundations you didn’t check

3. Your body doesn't change after months in the gym and loads of cardio

All of these are frustrating – wasted time and effort, and emotion.

The last one happens painfully often.

It happens, in general, because of lack of knowledge (and deliberate tricks in the market).

The media and advertising mostly responsible for the lack of knowledge and the false beliefs

The typical market tricks are:

Fake machines that supposedly create “a six-pack in 6 minutes daily” (they give the impression that training abs will give you a six-pack….FALSE

Fake diets or supplements with false claims – such as “detox” drinks, “fat-burning” supplements – they give the impression that a simple drink or supplement will “burn fat”….FALSE

False claims on walking machines (or magic bikes, or magic sliding seats, or electro-stimulus pads) will burn off fat…..FALSE

All of these create false impressions that losing fat is a simple matter of a magic machine or supplement.

Even sugary cereals are marketed as "a great start to the day" and have images or marketing spiel that implies they are also “a great part of a calorie-controlled diet”.

Over many years of exposure to this type of constant messaging, the truth of fat loss, body shaping, improving health and fitness, is hidden from the average person. You don’t know you are being lied to, so why would you even suspect that you need to dig deeper!?

So, what is the truth?

Why is fat-loss so elusive?

Why is it so hard to reshape or tone your body?

Why do you spend hours in the gym and find the results are not as good as you expected? (or non-existent!)

Benny did a transformation with me - here's his 3 month point - he continued to 7% body fat

(see below for a link to his transformation)

The big lies actually started back around the 1950’s

The lies at that time gave birth to a massive “value-added” industry worth Billions and are now responsible for the incredibly high rates of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and early deaths.

At the same time, they have, as a flow-on effect, created even bigger revenue streams for fat-loss, fake exercise equipment, fake supplements, insulin sales, and other medical interventions.

It is hard to reverse all of this fake info and to even get the truth because so many people are making so much money.

The people getting rich from the lies can pour more money into more lies to create more confusion and continue to sell their scam products while they "hide" the truth.

So here are ten truths in a nutshell:

1. Proper Target: DON’T just aim to lose weight – you need to lose FAT

2. Calculator confusion; It is NOT as simple as “Calories-in, Calories out” and the belief “A Calorie is a Calorie” is FALSE

3. You'll Cling to Fat; DON’T go too low in Calories as your body will lower the BMR as a self-protection response

4. The Combo's Matter; Losing fat is a matter of a Calorie deficit AS WELL AS the correct type of Calories (Macros)

5. Maintain muscle; While losing fat, resistance loading is important to retain muscle

6. Don’t use a hammer as a file; The gym is for building muscle, NOT losing fat – the DIET will drop the fat

7. A muffin is one hour!; Cardio will help the process but cannot compensate for a bad diet.

8. Abs don’t burn fat; Ab training is only for toning abs and will NOT drop belly fat

9. Core is common; Core training is not critical if you have the right, balanced resistance program

10. Your body tells the truth; Persistence and consistency is key – stop/start does not work; Cheat days do not work

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