Specialised Subscription Programs (Monthly)

Get the body you've always wanted - Now

Note, All services are tailored for your situation and your needs. MOST of my training is done via my Blueprint program (here). The bundles below show you the variations possible with my tailored approach

  • Interested in building, toning and shaping your body?

  • Frustrated with slow results from your current training and diet?

  • Want a dramatic physique change to show off the best you?

  • Know how you’d like to look, but not sure how to get there?

Ask Paul about the new Physique Transformation Program that will give you fast results in as little as 8 weeks.

Paul is the inventor of AMP Your Workout - the new technology that analyses your training and guides you to optimal workouts for faster results

The latest technology for physique training

Get Paul Anderton, inventor of AMP Your Workout as your personal coach for a dramatic transformation over 8 or 12 weeks!

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This powerful transformation solution features:

  • Results: - using NEW technology and techniques that are safe and sustainable

  • Advanced – with training approaches and nutrition tips to reach your ultimate potential

  • Experience: a coach with 35+ years experience with countless success stories

  • Guarantee: a risk free approach to ensure your satisfaction


The next intake of the Physique Transformation Programme is starting soon with places strictly limited.


For information, simply click below

Find out more about the new technology for transforming physiques and figures

More info

Find out how Paul went from a very puny 42kg (at 16) to competing internationally - all natural!

Also, how he recovered in just 4 months at 53 after a major injury and extreme muscle loss!

Oct 2014

 to Jan 2015

Use the inquiry box above,

Or phone me 0408 825 876



Any of the following can be incorporated

into monthly subscriptions - see options below

MASS Program (info)

Figure Shaping and Toning (info)

Shredding Program (info)

Fitness and Shaping Program (info)

Hips, Thighs & Tummy (includes Booty Sculpting and Firming) (info)

NEW - AMP Low Pain Sculpt and Tone (info)


Monthly-payment options

(these can be used with the programs above)


Subscription startup               $350.00 one-off     


 + Program design

 + AMP Your Workout set-up

 + 2 x Session on techniques for maximum results


MONTHLY AMP SUPPORT      $ 65.00 monthly


 + Monthly review of AMP stats

 + Monthly report and support based on stats             


Check out the add-on monthly-payment options

(these can be incorporated into the programs above and below)

4 sessions p.a.

Add to monthly subs per month.

NOTE 3 payments required before first session - minimum 3 months between sessions. 


6 sessions p.a.

Add to monthly subs per month.

NOTE 2 payments required before first session - minimum 2 months between sessions. 


12 sessions p.a.

Add to monthly subs per month.

NOTE 1 payment required before first session - minimum 1 month between sessions. 


Add Blueprint and support

Month 1 $350

then 4m x $85/m


Choose your combo and pre-pay for savings

SET-UP $350

Monthly AMP support $65/m

(Total p.a. = $1130

Pre-pay option $994 = saving $136)

Add-on option:

Transformation Blueprint;   1 x $350

plus 4 x $85/m

Total $690

Prepay $620

Save $ 70

Add-on Session Options

4 p.a.


Total p.a.$570

Prepay $480

Save $ 90

or 6 p.a.


Total p.a.$817

Prepay $720

Save $ 97

or 12 p.a.


Total p.a.$1530

Prepay $1377

Save $153

Monthly option total

Prepay $350

Support + 4 sess p.a.


Support + 6 sess p.a.


Support + 12 sess p.a.




 Are you:

  • Starting out and needing quick gains?

  • Stuck at a plateau?

  • Stubborn body-part that won't respond?

  • Gaining size but it seems to be fat rather than muscle?


With my MASS program, I will:

  • check your diet to make sure it is anabolic

  • review your training to assess volume, frequency, exercise selection, exercise form

  • ensure you are stressing the muscles efficiently to stimulate growth

  • teach you how to use AMP Your Workout for the optimal response

Workout intensity: *****

Diet strictness: *****

Diet difficulty: *****

Call or message now while it's fresh in your mind! 0408 825 876



Shaping & Toning

For ladies:

  • wanting to sculpt their figure with firm, toned muscles and low body-fat

  • already training but stuck trying to achieve a firmer look

  • having problems dropping some remaining body-fat

  • wanting to maintain or increase muscle while dropping body-fat

In the Figure Toning and Shaping program:

  • training is intense to build muscle for a shapely figure

  • the diet is rather strict to achieve a low body-fat for an athletic look (strictness depends on the level of condition you want)

Workout intensity: *****

Diet strictness: *****

Diet difficulty: *****

Call or message now while it's fresh in your mind! 0408 825 876




Not for the faint-hearted or those with low will-power. You'll need a strong goal to drive you

The shredding program is suitable for:

  • those aiming to compete (male or female)

  • preparing quickly for an important goal (a wedding, holiday, birthday . . ) where you don't want to be shredded, but the program will get you to the level you want, quickly

  • those who like the shredded look year-round - no specific goal so you can take your time and then maintain the look

In the Shredding program:

  • the diet is strict - especially if you want extreme definition

  • training is intense to maintain (and preferably build muscle)

  • time to get shredded, and the intensity will depend on current condition and your goal

Workout intensity: *****

Diet strictness: *****

Diet difficulty: *****

Call or message now while it's fresh in your mind! 0408 825 876



and Shaping

The Fitness and Shaping Program is aimed at a fit, toned, athletic look - not too extreme, but enough to draw attention and questions, like "how do you get to look like that?"


Fitness and Shaping Program is suitable for:

  • dropping one or two dress sizes

  • getting an ideal "bikini body" in time for summer or a holiday

  • brides and brides-maids looking great on the day (and beyond with what I will teach you)

  • improving health for general life quality and longevity

In the Fitness and Shaping Program:

  • training is moderate (though depends on your goals and time frame)

  • diet is moderate (but again depends on goals and time)

Workout intensity: *****

Diet strictness: *****

Diet difficulty: *****

Call or message now while it's fresh in your mind! 0408 825 876



Thighs & Tummy


(includes Booty sculpting and firming)

Frustrated with:

  • not being able to lose fat "around the middle"?

  • the size of your waist or the fat around the belly?

  • the lack of firmness in your thighs and glutes? (booty)

The Hips, Thighs, & Tummy program is aimed at losing fat all over while improving your fitness and conditioning, but with a focus on these areas - you'll build and tone muscle for a firm look while dropping body-fat (the primary cause for the issues above)


In the HT&T Program:

  • training is moderate intensity and difficulty to build muscle tone and condition!

  • the diet is moderately strict, depending on your condition and time frame

Workout intensity: *****

Diet strictness: *****

Diet difficulty: *****

Call or message now while it's fresh in your mind! 0408 825 876



Low Pain Sculpt and Tone


For those who want to get into shape, improve their fitness and strength, but are NOT into the "No pain, no gain" philosophy!

That's right - you CAN improve your physique or figure without gritting your teeth through painful daily workouts!

Results are a bit slower of course - but you can achieve a lot over time.


In the LPST Program:

  • we'll dial down the AMP Your Workout program to avoid high intensity and high lactic acid

  • the diet is moderate to gradually drop fat and to ensure nutrients are sufficient to build muscle

Workout intensity: *****

Diet strictness: *****

Diet difficulty: *****

Call or message now while it's fresh in your mind! 0408 825 876


Still not


Still not sure which program is suitable for you - or afraid you'll choose the wrong one?

No problem at all - you can easily change programs if required. But also, a chat with me will help guide you.

I tailor everything to suit.

And I have helped many, and done all these things myself - so I have the direct experience and knowledge. From puny kid to world-level trophies.

Call me and we can talk about your goals

Coffee catch-up:

  • to understand your goals, frustrations

  • overview my approach,

  • FREE diet analysis: - my manual diet analysis 

  • answer your questions

2 free trial workouts:

  • so you can experience training with me (and AMP) first hand

  • The first workout records your baseline. Second workout will predict your exercise loads!

Call or message now while it's fresh in your mind! 0408 825 876


Testimonial - Benny

I've only hit the tip of the iceberg of what Paul did for me.  I cannot recommend him enough.

Paul Anderton is more than just a PT. He's the total package

— Benny, 2017

"I can recommend Paul for anyone aiming to transform their physique and not afraid of some work and discipline. It may not be easy, but I am sure you will be happy with the results."

— Vin, 2016

Paul's own transformation

Photos of Paul's transformations from: Initial training as a teenager to competition

Paul is life-time natural - all results have come through a scientific approach to training and nutrition, combined with persistence and consistency of effort.

"If you want advice, ask someone who had to fight for it - they know more than most and can relate to your struggle"

— Paul Anderton, inventor of AMP Your Workout

Starting at 33kg (first photo, age 15, and progressing to 65kg (middle) at end of Uni, Paul continued his progress, eventually competing at the international level (3rd, Master's Div, Natural Mr. Olympia) after 3 years training with the AMP Your Workout prototype

AMP Your Workout - the new technology for faster physique transformations
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