The Benny Transformation

Are you training with a "No pain - No gain" philosophy?

Or is it more like "Plenty of pain - Not enough gain"?

The story about Benny is typical of what I come across in gyms everywhere.

Benny had been training hard for a couple of years. He became strong but did not gain the muscle he wanted. He was training like so many others, thinking heavy weights must be better. The weight on the bar was his typical gauge - his primary metric or KPI (Key Performance Indicator) 

But he was disappointed and disillusioned with the results.

Then, in January 2017 we had a chance encounter and discussion.

Hi and thanks for checking out the web info.


I wrote to you to present a win-win offer.


If you are

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Re: Artificial intelligence for physique shaping according to your genetic strengths . . . .


The people I have best related to with my specialty, and who have achieved the best results are business people like yourself!


I am referring to the Physique Transformation coaching that I provide, using my AMP Your Workout System.


The offer I have is one that I believe will help us both!

Benny started working with me and using the AMP Your Workout app and techniques in late January 2017

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7 months later, he had transformed to this.

Benny's journey may not be for everyone - but the point is that if this is possible, maybe your goals for your body can be achieved quicker than you think

Benny had noticed my results in the gym. He actually thought I was "on the gear", but soon found out I am life-time natural and he was keen for information about my training methods.

Unlike many others who "get in a rut" with a training "style", Benny was open to new concepts.


I introduced him to "AMP Your Workout" app and a different training approach.

Benny was soon training to stimulate more muscle development with less strain on joints and tendons.


He saw results in the first month, and looked very different in the short space of six months!

Benny's Transformation Months 1-7

Starting 26 Jan (facing front) then:- 27 Feb, 16 Mar, 15 July (x2), 16 Aug, 26 Aug

20170126_124653 (1)


Was he stressed with the changes? No. Quite the opposite – he was excited!


Did he train more often, or longer? No. In fact, training sessions were shorter!


Did he take some ‘new’ supplements? No. Benny is life-time natural and continued simply with the WPI protein powder he had been using.


Did he eat differently? Yes – I changed his nutrition plan for muscle growth and fat loss. I optimised Benny’s macros but the sudden gains were due mostly to the training (muscle stimulus) changes – and the diet merely supported the process!


The key is in the science of muscle development. I assessed Benny’s physiology and diet, and made some recommendations (nothing over the top).


Benny installed "AMP Your Workout" app on his smartphone and watch. 


The App automatically analysed Benny’s sessions and with its built-in muscle development algorithms and ‘artificial intelligence’, made recommendations for Benny’s sessions (weight, repetitions, rep tempos and rest periods), all of which are critical factors in muscle development.


For more complete descriptions of the science behind the App see the video below and click here.  


Does Benny’s story resonate with you?  


Now you can take the same journey with Paul Anderton’s AMP Your Workout coaching methods and technology assistance.


Or, if it’s not for you personally, you may know of someone else to pass this onto… if they are serious about their training progress they will appreciate you doing so! 

A note from Benny

I'd like to thank Benny for these kind words about his experience and results


I first met  Paul in 2016 and had been training for almost 9 months.


Id been trying my hardest and was training almost 3 hrs every night however my progress had plateaued.


I discussed my goals with Paul. I wanted to really give a transformation a shot but being a newby to the gym and dieting really had me struggling . I needed to work smarter not harder.


I sat down with Paul in January 2017. He asked me a lot of questions and was thorough.


A little while later he came back to me with a plan that he'd created. It had my diet and training regime, projected goals to meet my targets, calculations to ensure my lifestyle/work would also be compatible.

He was  there every step of the  way. The first couple of months required a few sessions a week to help me learn proper lifting techniques and form.


Paul also has a unique training app for the phone using a smartwatch 'AMP YOUR WORKOUT ' . Its like a personal trainer for every rep. Monitoring my performance each workout.

Paul was very supportive of me. I used to be very overweight and my confidence was not the best. Paul's kind and friendly manner is amazing. He's very patient and there were times I'd ask him over and over how to do something and he'd take the time to explain and help.


Paul recorded photos and data along the journey of 2017. I competed in bodybuilding in 2 associations, taking out men's over 40 category.  


Paul even designed my posing routine, spending tireless hours creating videos for me to learn from. He even helped me on the day. My nerves were frazzled but paul was  there.


From January 2017 to September that same year I went from 105kg to 83kg. I built muscle mass along the way also.


I've only hit the tip of the iceberg of what Paul did for me.  I cannot recommend him enough.

Paul Anderton is more than just a PT. He's the total package.

A brief overview of AMP Your Workout

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