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"Heading into 2020 and moving into a new age group in the Master's athletics, my goal was to win the 100m and 200m at the World Championships.

Working on fine tuning every aspect of my training, Paul put together a nutrition plan for me which highlighted the need to increase Calories, with increases in Protein and Fat, and a slightly counterintuitive adjustment to Carbs.

The plan included weekly predicted targets for my lean body weight, body fat and total weight - aimed at dropping weight whilst increasing lean mass for increased power-to-weight ratio.

I combined Paul's nutrition plan with my own training program and mindset work. Although the World Champs were cancelled, I ended 2020 as world ranked number one online in the W45 "Women's 45" category in 100m and 200m and 2nd in the 400m.

Thanks Paul, I'm super happy and appreciate your help and extensive knowledge."

Karen Long

Karen IMG_20200519_195947_610.jpg

Working with Paul was great.  He quickly understood my goals, put them into perspective, then worked within the limitations of my busy life to build a program to achieve them. He also helped me understand the impact of what I put into my body, had on my body. Needless to say, the combination of diet and exercise, tailored to me, has had quick results that have lasted.”


Paul has not only helped me with my fitness goals, but has also been the only PT I have worked with to give me the direction I needed with my nutrition. This holistic approach has been invaluable, and has resulted in me seeing consistent improvements with both muscle growth and fat loss. For the first time I now have the confidence that I will achieve my goals, and know exactly what I have to do to get there.

Kate / Analyst, Federal Government

I have been trainig with Paul for over a year now, during which time he has gone above and beyond my expectations of a personal trainer. Paul's many years of experience in competitive body building, personal training as well as study and research has allowed him optimize my training by tailoring programs and diet plans to my individual needs. His guidance and support has gone beyond just training programs into all aspects of my health. Paul took the time to research my pre-existing medical conditions/injuries and not only adjust my programs, but also my diet, sleep pattern and even work/life balance. Paul has developed his own app that he not only uses to frequently monitor and adjust training programs but also to study the data to make sure our goals are being met whilst preventing burn outs/injuries. Training with Paul has been a great experience and Im looking forward to another year.

Seb / Commercial Coordinator, Energy Company 

Paul has been a fantastic trainer taking the time to understand my goals / my previous strengths and weaknesses and working a suitable plan to that. Importantly he continually updates the plan as we progress and always goes that bit extra to ensure client satisfaction. Rounded out with dietary tips and Paul is a knowledgable trainer who has helped me in taking steps to achieving my goals.

Corey / Self employed

Paul has been fantastic to work with. He brings his first hand extensive experience to tailor an approach that works for you. He brings a broader health and well being approach and helps you with more than just workouts, but incorporates diet, recovery and activity into a very effective program. Following his advice has provided direct short term and long term benefits that have directly reflected what he said was possible, that I doubted at the time, in the time frame he said. Also the AMP app is great, it allows me to work independently but still be driven to progress each time against a bespoke program. I feel great and healthy and highly motivated to keep going.

Thanks Paul,

I strongly recommend Paul as it is rare to get someone with such deep experience in our backyard. 

Julian / Partner, Big 4 Consulting firm

"I can recommend Paul for anyone aiming to transform their physique and not afraid of some work and discipline. It may be challenging, but I am sure you will be happy with the results."

Joel, Business Investor | Advisor

"Pauls in depth knowledge of not only strength training and the body bio-mechanics, his knowledge in nutrition and his recommendations to suit my personal needs, putting my health and well being as priority was exceptional."

ANNETTA, Figure Competitor

I can highly recommend Paul, His incredible depth of knowledge and patience is second to none! I started training with Paul only a few months after my accident and thanks to him, I have surpassed my goals.


Paul helped tailor a unique training regime to suit my complex injuries.


Most trainers are very stubborn about their program but Paul was always happy to change, remodel or adjust any exercises for me.


Not only did I return to my pre-crash strength but Paul has taught me a lot about correct technique and safety.


If you are a newbie or even a seasoned weightlifter, Paul can help you achieve your goals.


Using his app Amp Your Workout, I was able to see my improvements all the way!

DAVID (Brain Injury SA client)

Paul’s knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm and results-focussed approach is evident from the moment you meet him. He has demonstrated a scientific approach to lifting weights in an extremely physically responsive, and amazingly effective method!


From the outset, his review of your current position, goals, and roadmap to achieving those goals in a realistic time line is astoundingly thorough, covering nutrition and your training program in his amazing “Blueprint” service.

Never have I seen such a comprehensive plan.


The one-on-one gym sessions have definitely taught me new ways to train, targeting specific muscles in a very different, and highly effective way. The plan isn’t just doing the same exercises you know in certain reps and sets, but HOW you position yourself to target the muscle in the most effective way to stimulate growth.


The AMP Your Workout app is also amazing, tracking not only your sets, reps and each workout, but it also tracks your time-under- tension (which is incredible), and even more amazingly, it tracks your effort and with Paul’s proprietary AI; the app learns how you train with each workout, and then modifies your reps, sets OR time under tension to make sure you are always training at the right intensity for growth and development!


I couldn’t recommend Paul more highly.

If you want to make the journey to a true transformation, especially if you have tried and not succeeded to the level you want.

GEORGE Remedial Massage Therapist