The Benny Transformation

Are you training with a "No pain - No gain" philosophy?

Or is it more like "Plenty of pain - Not enough gain?

The story about Benny is typical of what I come across in gyms everywhere.

Benny had been training hard for a couple of years. He became strong but did not gain the muscle he wanted. He was training like so many others, thinking heavy weights must be better. The weight on the bar was his typical gauge - his primary metric or KPI (Key Performance Indicator) 

But he was disappointed and disillusioned with the results.

Then, in January 2017 we had a chance encounter and discussion.

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Benny started working with me and using the AMP Your Workout app and techniques in late January 2017

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7 months later, he had transformed to this.

Benny's journey may not be for everyone - but the point is that if this is possible, maybe your goals for your body can be achieved quicker than you think

Benny had noticed my obvious results in the gym. He actually thought I was "on the gear", but soon found out I am life-time natural and he was keen for information on my training.

Unlike many others who "get in a rut" with a training "style", Benny was open to new concepts.


I introduced him to "AMP Your Workout" app and a different training approach.

Benny was soon training with greater effect for muscle development and less strain on joints and tendons.


He saw results in the first month, and looked very different in the short space of six months.


Below are some progress photos month by month!

My expertise is Physique Transformations - and the App I have developed is the culmination of 10 years of work, and over 35 years adding to my physique transformation expertise, This includes international success in natural bodybuilding (Natural Olympia and Natural Mr. Universe).


AMP is a highly advanced Physique Transformation system. It uses Artificial Intelligence to guide your workouts to where you get the best results.

It is easy to use and fully automated

Using “black box methodology” and predictive modelling, the system tracks your every move, assesses muscle stresses, and guides you each workout


Combine this with my 30+ years experience and you could make some amazing changes

Benny at the start 26 Jan 2017

Week 4, 27 Feb 2017

The Process

Benny's original Calories were around 2,004 per day on average.

I actually put his Calories up to around 2,600 per day.

At a weight of 105kg and about 29% body-fat, his LBM (Lean Body Mass) was around 75kg

Protein was a bit low for his LBM and so were fats (which are important to support endogenous hormones, cell and nerve health). Carbs were a bit high and the wrong type (likely to promote insulin spikes and fat storage)

Under the new diet, protein and fats increased and carbs decreased as well as becoming "cleaner", and Calories overall went up by 600.

This was all spread over 7 meals

By the end of March, Benny was at 91kg and about 17% body-fat, still with Calories around 2,600

Training intensity and volume had increased considerably. His AMP scores were steadily increasing, indicating continued muscle growth

The charts show the progress with the actuals in red and initial targets in blue

Week 6, 16 Mar 2017

10 May 2017

By the end of May, Benny was at 90kg and about 16% body-fat.

I revised the Blueprint plan for the lead in to the competition, Jun-Sept

At this stage we'd predicted weight around 88.5 and it was 90kg, and we predicted fat at 15% and it was 16%

Calories also rose again (to 2,850) due to Benny's training intensity

1 June Review and projections

1 July 2017

15 July 2017

In July, we noted that the weight and body fat% were lagging a bit, so we ramped things up with some diet tweaks to really control insulin and to keep the BMR up.

This kicked the fat burning back into gear while keeping muscle retention high. Benny's AMP scores were still improving, so we knew that muscle growth was still positive.

By early August, the effects of the more rigid diet were visible. Calories were still up around 2,900 but the foods were "cleaner" and some snacking that Benny had been indulging in was stopped. We found some alternatives to curb any cravings he may have.

He was still a little behind schedule but improving each week.

I'd projected targets of 83kg and 7% body-fat but Benny was at 85 and 10% so there was still some ground to recover.

Calories were dropped back to 2,600 and training intensity was eased back to minimise burn-out and muscle loss through catabolism - but training volume was maintained

12 Aug 2017

16 Aug 2017

By mid August the results were showing as we prepared for the lead-up to the show


For more info on AMP, go here:

AMP Your Workout


For more info about me, go here: PaulAndertonPT


**Note, don't be scared by Benny's results - he WANTED to look that muscular in a short period of time and wanted to compete in bodybuilding (which he did after only 7 months coaching with me)

The point is that YOU can determine what you want and "design and sculpt" your physique to the level you want

A recap sequence

Starting 26 Jan (facing front and in order, 27 Feb, 16 Mar, 1 July, 15 July (x2), 16 Aug (x2)

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A brief overview of AMP Your Workout

A brief overview of AMP Your Workout - the system that can optimise your training for fast results

End of August

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